Just when you’re not getting any thoughts about Pokemon and almost haven’t played Pokémon Go for a while and there comes another game “Pokemon Duel” that has launched today, which allow players to fight against each other.

Pokemon Duel, which was shown with little show on Tuesday for Android and iOS platform, is more deep comparison to its fiercely famous ancestor. Rather than gathering Pokemons like in the previous one, this new Pokemon game allows players to fight strategically, assemble Pokemon figures and after that fight a group of up to six characters with players over the globe. 

nokia01 640x0 Good News: Another Pokemon Game Released on Android and iOS Just Today
Image via: phonedog.com

The company official explained the new advanced prepackaged game as a title “in which players will fight in view of key moves to achieve an objective in the rival’s region.” After gathering groups of six pocket beasts, players’ characters will fight through a spinner-based battle framework.

Will it be a Hit like a Pokemon Go?

This new Pokemon game has a long journey in front of it, if it will even get near the achievement of Pokemon Go, which has been downloaded as shockingly 0.5 billion times since it was available for iOS and Android in July. And has produced $950 million income in 2016.

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