Amazon is online delivery services, which deliver the product on the basis of online services, some years ago they announced the offer for non-prime members the two days free shipping to raise on minimum price $49.

So there is a good news for the Customers of amazon online services that they decided to drop the price of the shipping to $35 dollar.

So this offer is only for the non-prime member and the prime member will be ordered for free shipping on limited items and there Is another minimum offer for the students that they can order books at very low price at 25%.

Amazon has dropped their shipping to $35:

Now amazon decides to compete with the other delivery service provider if we talk about the Walmart announced free shipping of two days in order. If we talk about the order retailers, they are busy on every weekend, but the other side the amazon surprise discount on weekends.

amazon box logo stock 1020.0 Good News: Amazon has dropped their shipping to $35, after the one year
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Amazon reduced their shipping price:

The amazon is reducing its shipping price to 35$ and the customers can also check the online process, Amazon confirms the shipping price. This is fixed rate for delivering in other regions.

The minimum and maximum price of he shipping are, the minimum rate of Delivery is 25$ and the maximum rate of the delivery is 49$.

These rates have been changed after the year only for the Non-prime customers and if we talk about the other third party offers free shipping of goods and some other owners of the products Like its original books and other some products on already free shipping, but the price of the product will have to pay.

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