2016 was not much of a year for Twitter, a lot of complaints been faced by Jack Dorsey, much viable ones. So the CEO of the company two days ago tried an interesting experiment where he called upon followers around 4 million of his pitch in the suggestions for the upcoming year of 2017 on what things to adopt in order to improve Twitter. Engagingly enough, to his tweet almost every person responded and the suggestions which came was seemed to be the peak. The CEO Jack Dorsey tried his best to skim through each and every of the suggestions being given and able to narrow it down to 4 of the main repeated themes: Edit, Topics, Interest and Abuse, interest and conversations.

For abuse the response was numerous since Twitter has been going through a lot abuse issues. A thorough transparency and screening process is called by the people, while, the issue of abuse is not technically the lack of transparency rather the lack of new policies and new tools. Nonetheless, implementing and creating new policies with new tool is extremely costing and time consuming. Now coming to the Edit request, from the Twitter public it is highly demanded in order to correct or edit the tweets, but for that too, the CEO came up with a weakest solution which was to have quick fixes to the tweets, not allowing the history of tweets to be shown since that may lead to the issues related to security and abuse.

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Concerning interest and topics, the main problem people have is that they lack in following so many accounts in one moment, may be if it was easier to follow the topics and the interest, it may have favored Twitter. A very well thought out list for Twitter to improving on but watching the company progress in the year 2016, it is obvious that Twitter will achieve at least half of this in the year 2017, it may can be much difficult but definitely not impossible for the company to go for better.