GIGABYTE’s gaming oriented motherboard series AORUS’ digital warehouse is updated after the addition of three new offerings. Focusing more on the economical options, GIGABYTE has revealed some Ultra Gaming motherboards for the gaming enthusiasts. Yes, it is not as much feature filled as AORUS 5 and 7 but still, the features are well in place according to the price. Here are the three differences that we have estimated between AORUS 5 and 7 series and the Z370:

  • 3 PCIe x16 and 3 PCIe x1 slots while AORUS 7 has 2 ethernet ports
  • 2 of the M.2 slots instead of 3 like in the case of AORUS 5 and 7
  • Addition of orange LEDs in Z370

Here’s what Videocardz shows in the name of GIGABYTE Z370!

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