Nvidia had recently released the Factory Edition of GeForce GTX 1050 3GB and now we are witnessing its AIB partners releasing their own versions of the card. The two board partners which have shown their custom models of the GTX 1050 3GB graphics card are GIGABYTE and Maxsun.

pic 10 After the recent FE release, Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 3GB version is now being produced by its AIB partners


Speaking of the default specs of the 3GB model, it comes with:

  • Full 768 CUDA cores on GP107 silicon
  • A hybrid of Ti and non-Ti model with an exception in memory configuration
  • 96-bit memory bus (28 GB/s lower bandwidth)

Though the 96-bit memory bus is a downside of this card, the GPU clock speeds can pretty much cover it up. Especially, when it comes to gaming, the performance is purely depending upon the clock speeds except for the GDDR5->DDR4 downgrade. The nice thing about the custom cards is that they are going to a boosted performance with their in-house overclocking.

Here are the upgrades that the custom cards are getting:


  • Factory upgraded to 1582 MHz (boost) in OC mode and 1556 MHz in Gaming mode
  • It does not require external power connectors
  • It has a 75W TDP rating


  • The Maxsun’s model is not overclocked
  • A single-fan model called Transformers

The only thing exclusive about Maxsun’s card is that it will be sold in China exclusively.

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