Gigabit 4G isn’t a dream anymore. At least, not for London. A live demonstration was exhibited by EE, Qualcomm, and Sony in London where the companies showed off a Sony Xperia XZ Premium connected to a laptop running Ookla’s speed test app and achieving a download speed of 765Mbits/sec. The historic speed test results were shown in the famous Wembley Stadium in London. The download speed was very impressive but the test showed a very weak upload speed of 110Mbits/sec.

speedtest2 100053880 large Live demonstration of gigabit 4G exhibited in Wembley Stadium London

Hardware Used For The Test

The hardware used for this test at the Wembley is listed below:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset
  • Qualcomm X16 modem
  • Samsung S8/S8 Plus with Exynos 8895
  • A 4×4 MIMO antenna array

The director of network services and devices at EE, Tom Bennett said in this regard:

Wherever we have a dense population we will increase the spectral capacity to be able to meet demand.

The Gigabit 4G Heavens

To witness the Gigabit 4G heavens, you can visit Wembley Stadium, Cardiff Millennium Stadium, and London Tech City (If you are allowed for that). England’s bigger cities including London, Birmingham, and Manchester may receive the technology on the public level in the future.

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