new verizon plan Get Read for the new Data Package of Verizon; Launching on 24 January 5GB for $55

Verizon recently did some analysis regarding the use of Mobile internet data consumed by the users and concluded that customers don’t use more than 5GB data per month. Because the current package gives you 4GB for $50 and 8GB + 2GB per line for $70. which seems a bit expensive if need to consume data more than 4 GB you need to pay buck for that.

According to Verizon analysis report, most mobile data subscribers don’t use more that 5GB of a mobile data package. Only one out of five subscribers uses more than 5GB of data but still its a good amount of users among the millions of customers.

This package is for those subscribers who never crossed the limit of 5GB. And yes it is also a limited time offer so decide as soon as possible and because its arriving on 24th January.

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