Pokemon Go is smartphone game which has somehow addicted the smartphone users of a particular age and choice during the last one year. The game has been probably the most addictive game of its class during the last year as it has turned the gamers around the world coming out in the streets in search of pokemon and to capture them. If you don’t know what a Pokemon is, which I think is seemingly unacceptable, a Pokemon is a wild animal which in the Pokemon Go game, has come out of the TV shows and card games into your smartphone.

poke 300x169 Playing Pokemon Go is Made Easier: Beginners Guide and Tips and Tricks

source: techradar.com

The game has a close connection with the cartoon film where different cartoon characters use to keep different Pokemons. Here, in the game, you act like a Pokemon keeper and capture different Pokemons through tactics. Pokemon Go takes the game into the real world and gives you opportunity to play and capture different Pokemons by physically moving around.

pokemonn 300x169 Playing Pokemon Go is Made Easier: Beginners Guide and Tips and Tricks

source: techradar.com

Playing Pokemon Go is not only fun, but, somehow it is challenging too. If you want to get master in capturing Pokemons and become a giant as a Pokemon keeper, some useful tips can help you play well in this game. First of all, you should keep your game application updated. Since the developers use to add more and more Pokemons in the directory and there are more than 740 Pokemons in total which you are playing with, so, an updated game application is necessary for a good performance.

Secondly, you should use Pikachu as your first tool to get into the game. If you have been watching the cartoon series of Pokemon, you must have seen how Pikachu can help you in every kind of hardship like how it helped Ash in the cartoon series. It works exactly the same way it worked in the cartoon series. Another thing which you keep on trying is to master the art of capturing and every time you capture a Pokemon, you should try it from as far as you can. Hope these tips have helped you a bit. We will come with further tips for expert level shortly.

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