A German company called “Leaf Republic” have created delightful crockery made entirely from leaves. They are ideal for picnics and as outdoor tableware. The original leaf bowls are built from large leaves which are stitched together with palm leaf fibers and pressed into unique bowl shapes. Leaf Republic’s crockery is not only biodegradable, which means they decompose outside within a month compared to plastic but they are waterproof as well.

10198991 plates made entirely from leaves might just c957643a m This German company is producing biodegradable plates made out of leaves

They have been nicknamed the “one-way dishes.” They do not contain any plastic, additives, oils, glues or chemicals. All of the biodegradable leaf bowls are created in the German factory near Munich using CNC mills and pressing machines. Each leaf bowl is made from 3 layers. The top and bottom layers are two layers of pressed and stitched leaves and a waterproof leaf-made paper is sandwiched between those two. In addition, the bowls also come with a lid which is made from bioplastic or recycled plastic.

leaf bowls by Leaf Republic 7 This German company is producing biodegradable plates made out of leaves

Leaf Republic says “this is not only about outdoor tableware, it is about food packaging it is about preventing plastic waste. It is about preventing trees from being cut for paper production. It is about the next generations.” Leaf Republic is raising funds at the present time to take their biodegradable tableware off the ground and into a fully automated production line. You can help them out and buy a set of their plates by pledging support on their Kickstarter.

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