Apple have been on the top of performance charts for quite some time now. Where when it comes to benchmarks Apple have always been one step ahead of Android, due to their powerful chips. Same is the case with the recently launched Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Where both the phones come equipped with the new Apple A11 bionic chip.

Apple A11 Bionic Geekbench Crowns The Apple A11 Bionic Chip The Fastest Mobile Chip

Geekbench is now also claiming Apple to be on the top when it comes to performance. As according the John Poole the founder of Geekbench, the new A11 Bionic chip from Apple is up to 50% faster than its competition. John Poole is also a bit skeptical on why the performance difference is so high by saying “The thing that I don’t fully understand is why performance has seemed to stagnate on the Android side. Where you don’t see these big leaps forward. I don’t understand what’s happening there. At this point, you’ve got desktop-class performance in a handset. There’s no way of looking at it any other way. I wouldn’t have thought to use my first-generation iPhone to edit video. I would’ve thought you were crazy.”

iPhone X BenchMark GeekBench Geekbench Crowns The Apple A11 Bionic Chip The Fastest Mobile Chip

When it comes to Apple the company really have full control over its ecosystem. As everything is design and produced by Apple themselves. Which also includes the new Apple A11 Bionic chip, reason why Apple can lead in the direction it desires. But when it comes to Android, there are many manufactures out there, each relying on a second party company to manufacture their chips. But then there are also companies like Samsung and Huawei who manufactures their own chips. This change in chip variety really makes it hard for Android developers focus on one thing. While when it comes to Apple the company have to only focus on one set of hardware.

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apple iphone 2017 20170912 11303 740x407 Geekbench Crowns The Apple A11 Bionic Chip The Fastest Mobile Chip

What do you think about the performance gap between Apple and Android?