It’s a massive day for Gears of War 4 fans. As reported beforehand, the patch for the XboxOne and PC will include two new maps and 280 cards to gather as a major aspect of the Series 2 bundle.

With respect to what the fix includes, players can expect two new locations (there was no say of which ones are coming), and additionally the Gear Pack Season 2 content. This accompanies “two hundreds and eighty” new cards. “In the event that you are hoping to obtain new Series 2 content, please refrain from purchasing Gear Packs until we affirm the Cards are accessible in the pool,” The Coalition said.

Source: Gears of War/YouTube

The Coalition said, the updates also include new style of combat. Also if you somehow drop out during playing online you can rejoin the game but you have up-to five minutes to rejoin the match, so far as it’s still in progress. On the off chance that you can rejoin a match and you finish it, there won’t be a punishment against your profile.

Here is a summary of the new punishment procedure, as composed by The Coalition:
  • Players will be suspended from matchmaking if they leave a Core/Competitive game early.
  • Players can rejoin a Core/Competitive match inside 5 minutes of being dropped or stopping from a choice in the primary Versus menu.
  • Rejoining and finishing a match will expel the matchmaking suspension time.
The new patch also includes the accompanying upgrades for the game’s Spectator Mode, as composed by The Coalition:
  • Player Cards have been upgraded to take up less visual area.
  • Player bullets and reloads are presently clear in the Spectator Mode UI.
  • Respawn clocks are presently shown on Player Cards.
  • Weapons holstered onto a player’s back can now be found in Spectator Mode.
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Source: Gears of War/YouTube

Here is a summary of the recent Series 2 cards:

3179252 series2 Gears Of War 4 New Patch Title Update 3: Introduced New Locations, multiplayer updates, error fixes, 280 Cards and more

Other Errors that are Fixed: 

  • Skill positioning will now be obvious again toward the finish of match scoreboard.
  • Included ‘Spawns Swapped’ UI when spawns flip in Versus.
  • Extended the Energy cost of the Hammer of Dawn Strike in Horde.
  • Expanded Escalation Win and Loss rewards.
  • Extended Escalation Win Bounty payments.
  • Tuned criteria and prizes for King of the Hill rewards.
  • Determined an adventure that permitted players to transport Energy to their position in Horde.
  • Squad Members can instantly observe when they have been expelled from a Squad.