Any cool game-writer out there? Gearbox Software needs services of a professional writer for an “unannounced AAA FPS/RPG hybrid with strong characters and a central narrative thread.” Any guesses? Most probably, it’s the Borderlands 3 and it’s definitely not a chance to be missed!

borderlands Professional game writer needed at Gearbox Software to assist the Lead writer for Borderlands 3s story

Borderlands 3’s Development

The game is going pretty well right from its starting and the reason that we are so sure about the next project to be BL 3 is that the company itself confirmed the news of releasing it in the past April. There are reports that the game will be released by the end of March 2019. GearBox Software’s new job opening says that it needs a writer to help “punch up” the story and plot outlines.

Job’s Requirements

Talking about the job details, the writer which the company needs has to write up voice-over dialogue and in-game text for missions and interactions. The interesting part is that the company needs a writer to write a humorous part in the story too. What else do you need to believe? Just to make you know, this is not a senior position of a lead writer as the company just requires a “writer.”

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