The most up to date upgrade for Gears of War 4 brought you by The Coalition will have two returning exemplary maps and more than 280 new cards. Gear of War 4 is praising the new year with the arrival of the Series 2 cards for use in the multiplayer. Cards incorporate new characters and weapon skins. The new characters themselves will be the main rush of Legacy Characters, as Armored Anya and Sam in their Gears of War 3 outfits. Another fan-most loved coming is Zombie Minh from Gears of War.

gears Gear of War 4 Update; Two Classic Maps with Including Series 2 Cards this Month
Weapons are getting an incredible 260 new skins, from vivified lightning to cool mesmerizing whirls. Arrangement 2 cards can be acquired in standard Gear Packs utilizing as a part of amusement money or money. In the event that you purchased the Season Pass, there will be another Airdrop on January thirteenth alongside a Bounty Gear Pack each Friday. COmmunity manager, Liam Ashley, at the Coalition also mentioned some of the gameplay improvements launching this month:

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Since launch, our team has continued to work hard on new features to improve the Gears of War 4 online experience. Alongside the release of Series 2, Title Update 3 brings the first phase of a hotly requested community feature, quit penalties.
Our new matchmaking timeout system punishes leaving the fight early, while our Join In Progress feature gives you the flexibility to rejoin the battle for a short time – if, say, your dog tripped the power cable. It happens. This new update also contains improvements to Spectator Mode, keeping the action front and center while adding new features that give you more information about the intense eSports action playing out live.
Through the season pass both maps are playable today on teh developers playlist. Everyone else can play the on 17th January. The two maps returning are Clocktower and Blood Drive from Gear of War 3 & 2. Gear of war is out now on Windows 10 and Xbox One, got 9/10 in a review
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