AMD, the world largest semiconductor company that develops the processors, chips and more for the other companies, from last two to three years, the users are disliked the company the two with Raptr’s “Gaming Evolved” app.

There are no updates coming from the company, however, the company officials said that the users will get the drivers updates forGeForce Experience. The company is showing no interest for the updates and moving on the other path from the Raptr’s app.

amd gamingevolvedclient213 1 Gaming Evolved app by Raptr have no more support form the AMD

It seems that the company will not provide longer update or support for the new versions of the Radeon software. If we talk about the Raptr Gaming Evolved app, that was the mixture of game-launcher/social network.

Moreover, this app allows the users of AMD to customize the settings. Users have to just scan their PC for the games and then have to press the ‘optimize’ button that will help in graphical settings and could be adjusted for the desired hardware.

Untitled 1 Gaming Evolved app by Raptr have no more support form the AMD

According to a report, the company didn’t say anything about the support of the gaming app, but according to the report,  Starting from the 12 September 2016, There will be no longer bundling the “AMD Gaming Evolved App” by the Raptr with builds of Radeon Software.

Yet the application is working and the company will cease to undertake the test of support and compatibility. The test will include the installation, support system and the general technical support for the application.

And the AMD will have no more support for the availability of the Radeon Software or its installer. Furthermore, the previous builds of Radeon Software that are the supported by the “AMD Gaming Evolved App” will remain the same and are not be affected by any disturbance.

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