1 37 Gamestop CEO and COO on Success of Nintendo Switch: High Demand Throughout 2017

There’s been a mixed rumors around the hybrid console, and there’s also been a fair amount of negativity surrounding the issues with the hardware but a lot of positivity as well. Given that a lot of people are of course enjoying the Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and we are here for some of that very same positivity today.

Now according to the COO Tony Bartel “The Switch is selling like hotcakes, doing so well and the demand is really good that as soon as we get it into our stores it’s out within few hours. He further said “We are also pleased with the recent Switch launch, we have had multiple replenishment’s since the launch, all of which have sold out within hours“.

And the GameStop’s CEO, Paul Raines also added in   that the attach rates for the Switch have been pretty damn good as well saying “We have had a very successful launch so far with high attach rates of software particularly Zelda and related add-ons. The Switch has provided a dramatic lift in traffic in-store

2 37 Gamestop CEO and COO on Success of Nintendo Switch: High Demand Throughout 2017

Now of course many other have discussed how good the Switch is doing at the launch and very much showing that it’s not for now at least going to be following as the same path as the Wii U. They have definitely been concerned about broadening the hybrid console horizon just beyond the very dedicated Nintendo hardcore fan base. Because of course at the moment the lineup of games for the machine that are on the Zelda is a little bit poor which is going to be improving later in a year or two. But for the moment at least there’s been some concern about the long-term success of the machine. And of course Nintendo’s definitely do need to broaden their market beyond just those traditional Nintendo fans.

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There’s have been comments from Nintendo that it is indeed their fastest selling platform to date. As well positive data from Super data research who have shown some nice sales for the system as well. So, let me know your thoughts and opinions as always are highly appreciated.