The open role-playing world action video game Final Fantasy XV was (developed and) released by Square Enix on Nov. 29, 2016. However, the company reportedly remained engaged in efforts; to come up with even bigger and better, PC version of Final Fantasy. It is likely that we may finally see it happening in 2018; when Remix Of Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy VII hits PC.

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Fresh reports suggest that Square has big plans for a big occasion; the 30 year anniversary of Square Enix Holdings and to add to their celebrations, they may have few long awaited releases. If the reports are to be trusted, the releases may include ‘Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age HD.’

The biggest of the anticipated releases would, however, be the beginning of Remakes, for both Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XV, respectively for consoles and PC presence. The game enthusiasts may, however, have to wait till 2018 as the company plans to finalize a matter they’ve been pushing for since nearly two years.

Final Fantasy Game Enthusiasts May Have Remix Of Final Fantasy XV Action Video Game Next Year; Finally Hitting PC

The latest reports, based on a leak, in fact, appearing on VGLeaks further give us an understanding that a compilation disc would be offered to the PS4 players, featuring Final Fantasy parts (I to IX) while likewise, special plans are under discussion for PC gamers as well.

As mentioned above, The Zodiac Age will also be made available on Steam namely Final Fantasy I, II and FF XII. Similarly, the possibility of Square’s bringing out new features cannot be completely ruled out either. But then again, blindly trusting a piece of leaked information is never recommended, therefore; we should wait and see whether what features the proposed Remix Of Final Fantasy XV may actually offer when it is out in reality.

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