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Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7S Plus vs Google Pixel XL; Camera Result: Camera Wars

Galaxy S8+ vs iPhone 7S Plus vs Google Pixel XL

Every Mobile phone is launching series of their flagship smartphones, Samsung and iPhone is at the top of the list in this race as both companies smartphones rated high than others. Now Google phones as Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL is also becoming challenge-able in the race.

Every Smartphone has its own astonishing features and specs, like wise these three flagships also features some amazing updates. We are not going to compare each and every specs, but here we are going to just compare the camera result of three astonishing Smartphones, a camera war between Galaxy S8+, iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL.

The Camera war was actually hosted by softpedia. You can check detail about the camera shooting competition here. Softpedia describes about camera war on their blog post:

All three models were running the latest software versions, and we used the default camera apps with the auto mode in different lighting conditions. These are RAW pictures (and this is why they could take a little bit longer to load depending on your Internet speed), with no edits and filters applied.

That’s all from side, you can check more photos at different locations with all three of the sizzling smartphones. After checking the compare the result of all three phone’s camera, don’t forget to share with us that which one is you are going to vote.

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