As always before the launch of every smartphone, there are numerous leaks regarding it. Same is the case with the upcoming Galaxy S8. Though according to rumors, the smartphone will have two variants, known as the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The only difference between the two will be its screen size, just like on its predecessor, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

Other than that, the performance of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 has also been leaked on GeekBench. Measuring the single and multi-core score of the Galaxy S8, against its predecessor the Galaxy S7. In GeekBench Galaxy S8 was able to get a score of 1916 on single core. While a multi-core score of 6011. Compared to its predecessor the Galaxy S7. Which had a single core score of 1800, while a multi-core score of 5200.

1987 768x713 Galaxy S8 spotted on GeekBench
Source: wccftech

If you don’t know, the upcoming Galaxy S8 is said to be equipped with 6 GB of RAM, and a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. The new processor from Qualcomm is rumored to reach up to a frequency of 3 GHz. Which truly shows how powerful the new processor from Qualcomm really is.

Aside from that the smartphone is also rumored to have a bigger screen this time. With little to no bezels at the side of the phone. It is also rumored that Galaxy S8, would be a phone without any physical buttons. As the user will be presented with a big screen only at the front, while the finger print sensor would be on the back of the phone.

If everything goes well, Samsung should launch their upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, somewhere in the month of March. Though the company sure do have a lot on its plate, due to its Galaxy Note 7 disaster.In order to be successful, the tech giant might have to gain the trust of its fans once again.

The model number of the galaxy S8 plus is affirmed by Samsung India