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Galaxy Assistant Is Now Upgraded On Verizon’s Galaxy S8, Features Bixby Image Shopping

Galaxy Assistant Is Now Upgraded On Verizon’s Galaxy S8

Verizon’s Galaxy S8 users can now use Bixby on Verizon, also as the camera based shopping feature of Samsung’s bixby app now hits the Galaxy S8 on Verizon network.

Now Verizon’s Galaxy S8 users can gain access to camera base shopping feature of bixby as the app abled the feature in its latest update and the availability is made on Galaxy App Store. If we revised, certain reports previously said that neither of the new Galaxy phone will utilise the image showing feature and would not have to access Amazon shopping feature also, with the help of Galaxy Assistant bixby.

But on Wednesday a Verizon spokesperson revealed that the shopping using camera in bixby is now available for Verizon’s Galaxy users. Spokesperson does not revealed any further reason about the delay of the feature.

If You are a Verizon Galaxy user than open your camera and tap on the Bixby vision button at the left corner, after that what you have to do is just shoot the image of the object or product you want to buy or you need a price info about. If Bixby able to reach your capturing object it will automatically show you an Amazon pricing list of the particular object, Whatever its so easy to use.

But if you haven’t update yet, then jump into the Galaxy app in your phone, write Bixby in the search bar, after finding the app right click the on the menu option you will found how to update it.

That’s all from my side. Did you like Bixby? What’s your view according to Galaxy assistant app? let us know all in the comment box below.


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