A lot of improvements are being done to the cooler design on custom build graphics card nowadays. Where we recently saw the iGame version of the GTX 1080 Ti. Which aside from its beefy cooler design was also equipped with an LCD display. Something that was new to us, but looks like iGame would not be the only company to have an LCD equipped GTX 1080 Ti. Because we just saw Galax launched their most anticipated Hall of Fame version of GTX 1080 Ti. Which also comes with a LCD panel. Maybe we are looking at a new trend aside from the RGB lightning that we see on most graphics cards these days.

GALAX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame Edition Tease 3 GALAX GTX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame Edition Comes With an LCD Display

With the help of the new LCD display things would get much simpler now. As users would have the option to use the LCD display for numerous benefits. Which can range from monitoring the internals of the card. To showing a custom logo being displayed on the LCD panel of the graphics card. This new feature will eliminate the reason to install different kind of software’s to monitor your graphics hardware.

Galax has always been famous for their Hall of Fame edition graphics card and the new GTX 1080 Ti is no exception. On the Hall of Fame edition of GTX 1080 Ti, users would find a total of 3 large cooling fans. While the graphics card itself needs three 8-pin PCIE connectors to power up. Which sure is a lot for a GPU, but should help its users achieve a better, stable and higher overclock compared to its competition.

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01Lps GALAX GTX 1080 Ti Hall of Fame Edition Comes With an LCD Display

The Hall of Fame GTX 1080 Ti from Galax is not yet available on the market. But considering its predecessors offered, do expect better cooling on this graphics card. The Hall of Fame edition graphics card is the best that Galax has to offer which does come with a premium price. Though there is still no news on the price of the card yet.