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Luke and Leo discuss the gains and losses of the Computex 2017 – Detailed video released


Computex 2017 left us with some amazing new things to be discussed. We witnessed Volta-based graphics cards as well as G-Sync 4K HDR screens in the event. But what are the best and worst parts of the event, Luke Hill, and Leo Waldock have covered them in this video.

Intel’s Part in The Computex 2017

As you have witnessed a summarized offerings video by different companies at the event, one of the biggest news to come out from the event was the upcoming release of Intel’s X299 and Core X-Series. Under the Core-X series tag, we will be witnessing a technology step ahead which was long due. Though Intel updated the processor generations regularly to increase the performance and efficiency of the processors, the next step named Core-i9 was missing.

The Core i9 series based on Skylake-X technology comes with up to 18 cores and 36 threads. Also, the quad core Kaby Lake-X models using the same X299 platform are there in the pipeline. Some experts are stating this act of releasing the Core i9 as a hastened reaction of Intel to AMD’s Threadripper which is actually a properly planned launch of a gigantic sized performer.


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