The different categories of gaming mouse which come in the market specifies a number of features which can be attractive for the online gamers. The gaming mouse which we are here introducing really deserves your attention since it is one and only in its class and gives you a lot what you have been looking in a mouse of your own choice.

1 35 300x225 Master Your Games with the Best Logitech Tunable Gaming Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB


The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB comes with a very specified details of software and hardware information. The image below gives an idea of the Technical specifications of the device and provides the system information as well. The mouse comes with the Logitech manufacturer part no. 910-004615. The manufacturer offers two years warranty for any hardware problem while the device is compatible with any Windows up of equal to Windows 7. The connectivity option for the mouse is the simple USB port while the device also requires an internet connection to install the optional device software. The technical specifications of the device include the tracking resolution which is 200-12000 dpi, which is pretty impressive. The responsiveness of the device is 16bits on the USB data format while it is 1000 Hz on USB report rate. The Durability of the mouse is very impressive. The manufacturer ensures more than 20 million clicks with both right and left buttons. While, the physical characteristics of the device include height as 5.2 inches, width as 2.95 inches and depth as 1.57 inches. The weight of the mouse with the connecting cable is 168 grams and without the cable is 121 grams.

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2 2 300x191 Master Your Games with the Best Logitech Tunable Gaming Mouse G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB


The mouse provides somehow the best option in the class of gaming mice. The comparison of price can give a better idea to the consumers of this item that how good it is with the specs it has. The mouse is available on the Amazon store for only 79.99 USD.