In May 2016, Google announced it will bring over 1 million Androids apps to the Chromebook but the limited number of units will be available which supports Android apps. Further, they have announced that the devices will be launched in 2017 will support Android apps. Chromebook is not just a laptop you can upgrade it to various levels of Android.

Acer Chromebook C311 From now onward Chromebook will support over 1 million of Android apps

Slack(Chromebook compatible):

Slack is the multifunctional device which may be an office use and personal use. It facilitates user to conduct private chats as well as group chats and audio video calls to personal and group contacts. The device enables the users to make highly customized conversation by creating a to-do list and share it with others.

Pocket Cast(Chromebook compatible):

Pocket cast in mobile and easy to use platform, it keeps ready your favorite podcast ready to listen at any time and everywhere. This app makes you enable to set a playback queue for the quick playing of music to kill the silence. It will timely update and check the new episode on your behalf as makes a background listening podcast even you are at work.

Microsoft Office(Chromebook-compatible):

The last online editing service is Google docks and it is working perfectly fine but Microsoft offers you a whole experience of the productivity tool. Microsoft is widely used and popular documentation tool but Android app at Chromebook makes you enables to install all three. the MS word, MS PowerPoint and MS Exel at your device.

Adobe (Chromebook compatible):

The other Android power Chromebook-compatible application. Adobe has a great range of creativity and Chromebook gives the freedom to create more and more for your classwork, office work, and artistic work.

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1 F101 SamsungX Celes Black From now onward Chromebook will support over 1 million of Android apps

Chromebook has two main edges in the market, the number one is low price laptop and the second is easy to use laptop. The Chrome OS was launched in 2009 and the laptop is widely used due to its ample memory storage capacity. Although the early Chromebook do not support full-time desktop tasks like Microsoft Office but the latest version is far advanced than that.