Freshdesk, one of the leading Bangaluru based   provider of cloud-based customer engagement software,they have announced today  the acquisition of Pipemonk. This acquisition marks Freshdesk’s seventh in the last 16 months and is a part of the overall strategy to create an ecosystem of interlinked Freshdesk and third-party products for businesses.It is data integration plate form that allow the business to transfer data from one place to another safely through multiple clouds easily.

Oa2xZ8S5Sq6PD6GP6nk6 logo freshdesk Freshdesk is looking for data integration platform Pipemononks for future strength of product.
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Freshdesk has been developed by former Yahoo  and Oracle employee “Satya Padmanabham” and previous redbus executive “Ravi Madabhushi”.They are serving over 400 client globally.Pipemonk’s is cloud base system that allows small business unit to travel their data from different station for different cloud base solutions.

Freshdesk chief executive Girish Mathrubootham said:“The Pipemonk team will enhance Freshdesk’s capabilities to integrate within our own products as well as external products,”.“Having your apps talk to each other and enabling seamless flow of data plays an important role in any business today.”

The organisations want to move their data to cloud applications, they often find some issues to arrange the data according to the specification of Pipemonk’s. Pipemonk’s solution helps a smooth transition of apps over cloud,So that could be easily accessible to customer and it is easy to use form.Athough traditional data integration software has been complicated but the CEO “Satya Padmanabham” has made the software more user friendly.

The company Pipemonk’s has intially made a great success when it has been launched in 2014 and they earned the profit $million. In 2015 company wants to enhance their scope of the company wants new client or business partner for future.

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