If you are a fan of the FreeSync 2 technology, you must have heard of its beta version rolling out for the XBox One X console and yes, it about to happen in the next week!

maxresdefault XBox One X and S   Get ready for the FreeSync 2 beta testings next week!

It was Major Nelson who announced the FreeSync technology’s arrival for both Xbox One S and Xbox One X consoles next week. But to get it, you need to be a member of the insider alpha program. Here’s what Xbox’s Larry Hryb has revealed:

Starting next week users in the Xbox Insider alpha ring will be able to play on AMD Radeon FreeSync displays for variable refresh output on Xbox One X and Xbox One S

What is Included in The FreeSync 2 Support?

Speaking of what the console players will get next week, here are the two things:

  1. Lower-latency gaming optimization with HDR visuals
  2. A monitor/display to run FreeSync over HDMI (No DisplayPort protocol)

Though this might disappoint some of us, that’s no the end, Let’s hope for the technology to expand with other features too!

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