“Free internet without Wi-Fi” – Beware of WhatsApp grand scam!

Social media sometimes is very easily and effectively exploited by some deceptive campaigning techniques. The most recent one is WhatsApp, which entices people towards a free internet service without Wi-Fi. We must beware of it. But first see how it works.

The WhatsApp scam attracts people through a message along with a link (given below), “recommended” by a friend, that promises them free internet without Wi-Fi. It asks you to forward it to 13  more people so that your facility is activated.

Screenshot 12 Free internet without Wi Fi   Beware of WhatsApp grand scam!via: newsjs.com

And at the end of this effort what you find is …………absolutely nothing!!!

Interestingly, this scam takes benefit from the technical unawareness of its users who fall prey to it. Otherwise, it is pretty clear and obvious that WhatsApp is an application that is used for sharing and calling, and not at all an internet provider.

On clicking the link, the page displays the following image, which alluringly convince you to further send it to your other friends. And this is how the scam goes on.

Screenshot 13 Free internet without Wi Fi   Beware of WhatsApp grand scam!via: newsjs.com

It is noticeable that the image contains some comments that are shared by those who supposedly tried this service and found what was promised. To tell you, these are fake people with fake information.

A question arises, why is it done?

Actually this particular behaviour is being used by cyber criminals who spread various scams like this to try to make them credible for people. And then they guide people to various websites where numerous activities might take place. For example, subscribing to any expensive SMS services, installing third party apps etc, which in return pay the scammers.

We can avoid these tricks through education and awareness and by sharing it to those who are unaware.