According to the report of Financial Time, Foxconn has been employing students to illegally work overtime at their factories. Where around 3000 students come daily for the assembly of the Apple iPhone X.

100642777 foxconn worker assembly line gettyp.1910x1000 Foxconn Reportedly Employing Students To Illegally Work Overtime For The Production Of iPhone X

The report also states that high school students have also been working 11 hours daily. Which is illegal under China’s law for student intern. The students that work at Foxconn are said to be somewhere around the age of 17 to 19. Where they were told that it’s necessary to work at the factory for the next three months. As it’s a requirement to graduate from high school. Aside from that a student also told Financial Times that they were forced to work at Foxconn. As the assembly work had nothing to do with their studies.

Financial Times also said that both Apple and Foxconn are aware of the overtime situation. However both the companies also claim that they have never forced any intern to work overtime as well. Where according to Apple “We’ve confirmed the students worked voluntarily, were compensated and provided benefits. But they should not have been allowed to work overtime.”

Foxconn also made a similar statement saying their policy prohibits students from working not more than 40 hours a week. Currently 300000 employees are working at Foxconn. Which also includes 3000 students from Zhengzhou Urban Rail Transit School. All of which are working to assemble the iPhone X from Apple.

foxconn Foxconn Reportedly Employing Students To Illegally Work Overtime For The Production Of iPhone X

Apple surely has a high demand of their latest iPhone X. As its offers a new and unique design, something that every Apple fan wants to get their hand on. While Apple is also facing issues with its supply mainly due to its demand. Reason why both Apple and Foxconn might be taking help from student interns by making them work overtime.

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What do you think about this issue, does this put the image of Apple in question?