According to report Apple is willing to expand it’s business in South Asia.Apple is turning it’s Foxconn to it’s business partner.Open to facilitate business in China and Indonesia.

Foxconn is apple hardware producing company in Taiwan.the further step is Apple want to invest $ 7 billion in Foxconn from south Asia.It is expected it will create around 30,000 to 50,000 job opportunities.The report has been published in Wall Street journal , Terry Gou the chairman said company going to expand it’s business and about to shift a land where land and electricity is in low prices.

foxconn denies strike report Foxconn To Partner With Apple For $7 Billion result of USs domestic production policies

Foxconn and Apple are agreed to invest $7 billion in manufacturing unit in USA.The collaboration has been purposed by R&D department which have predicted a large display in demand.The most appropriate way to meet the demand is by creating a local production unit.This would provide a quick product as well as decrease in freight in and out of finished goods.As most if the iDevices has been manufactured in china,Now U.S. is interested to decrease the imports from China.

Better future prospects:

Nikkei Asian Review share a report in which they quoted Terry Gou chairman of Foxconn said that”Apple is looking for a partnership where it shall be investing a major investment for establishing a factory. In addition, this production unit will provide 30,000 to 50,000 job opportunities.”

Foxconn chairman also said that they are intended to shift it’s other setups to USA because Trump’s domestic production policies.One thing should be clear trump has asked many companies to shift their production units to home country.Because the government wanted to create more jobs for U.S.

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However it not clear whether the consumers will be willing to pay higher prices of the products or future consumer may $500 for the product which satisfy the cost $300 at present, said Gou.He requested US government land and electricity for run production units in country