It seems like 2018 isn’t the year of PUBG anymore as Fortnite has taken over the position from it. With $126m made on PC last month, Fortnite is now topping the charts. PUBG, however, stands at $103m.

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SuperData, a gaming research company has revealed that Epic Games’ Fortnite has made achieved the big figure leaving behind PUBG. The free-to-play game isn’t really free as you have to pay $40 for ‘Save the World’ mode. However, if you stick to the Battle Royale side of the game, you’ll get to play in a larger player base.

The Microtransactions

Fortnite has sources of drawing money from its add-ons using its own virtual currency. The list of merch includes cosmetic items and seasonal battle passes. PUBG’s merch is less expensive where you can get the add-ons for $30.

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