Ford unveiled its 2018 version for Mustang in Detroit Auto Show.


It’s a complete makeover of the previous dashing model. The new model shows refreshed design, with sleeker hood and new LED headlights. The 12 inch-wide digital instrument gives a new option to drivers those who want to enjoy centuries.

Following are the specs and major developments:

Screenshot 14 3 Ford unveils Mustang 2018 with new style and designvia:

  • Turbocharged EcoBoost four-cylinder
  • New 5.0 liter V8
  • Ford’s dual fuel port
  • Direct fuel injection system for pumping up the volume
  • Two engines with 10-speed automatic transmission shared with F-150
  • New gearing for direct drive into fourth gear to save fuel
  • Radar cruise control returns
  • Automatic braking and pedestrian-detecting mechanism through camera-based ane-keeping.

Screenshot 15 3 Ford unveils Mustang 2018 with new style and design


US is the major market for Ford where it sold almost 105,000 Mustangs last year. It makes the brand ahead of all rivals including the Chevrolet Camaro that sold 30,000.


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