Samsung galaxy Note 7 has announced it’s latest feature Iris Scanner to keep an eye on security.Along with the usual fingerprint scanner, the Note 7’s iris scanner adds a layer of personalised security to the device.The iris scanner is likely to be perform the same function as the fingerprint sensor. That’s to say, it will be used to recognise the user, and ensure no unauthorised person can use the device.

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The Samsung version works in a manner. On the front panel of the phone, there’s an IR (infrared) LED and a dedicated iris camera. The camera is designed with a special image filter which receives and recognises the reflected picture of the irises with a red IR LED light.It saves the picture of user who is not the owner of the phone.Red light has been chosen because the eye best respond to red colour so it is made different from the traditional pictures.

Samsung’s is ib bit tough situation since last year, because of the Galaxy Note 7. To take another view of the issue there are few other Korean devices has been exploded, it has also seen reports of other devices made by the Korean manufacturer explode as well. It’s expected to launch at least one folding phone this year, so fingers crossed. A new and innovative device would be just the right thing for Samsung at the moment. Although Samsung is very much accustomed in the introduction of new features in their android as well as to regain it previous  market position company need to add feature.

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