Though eyes fixed on Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8, Samsung has something new to take us by surprise.

The Korea Herald reports that the company intends to introduce a smartphone with a flexible outward display that can be converted into a 7-inch tablet.

sam1 Your foldable phone can be a 7 inch tablet as well, Samsung announces


Why outward display (fold-out)?

Samsung has long developed fold-in phones, however, they started giving issues, as the users did not like unfolding their screen frequently.

sam2 Your foldable phone can be a 7 inch tablet as well, Samsung announces


The shift in the technology is not a big deal for the company.

“Since the company already secured fold-in phone technology, it was not a big challenge to shift into the fold-out phones,” the source said.

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Although the shift is completed, decision of marketing the device has yet to take place, as numerous issues are likely to hamper the way.

“The final decision will be made after the personnel reshuffle of the company’s information technology and mobile communications unit is carried out,” the source reported.

Strategy Analytics, market research firm, predicts that Samsung may launch the world’s first foldable phones this year. And with this, the foldable display might raise the number of its users to 163 million units by 2022 from 2.7 million units this year.


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