Apple recently arranged the 15 second photoshot from iPhone 7 at dark night ad,For which the company make a list of photographers that are going to take pictures in with low light image at night.The outstanding add show the images at night from New York to Johannesburg.

Shot On iPhone 7 Campaign

According to the Apple reports may be the commercials are on air in this month documenting and place all around the world. They going to show the images of York, Johannesburg, Shanghai and Tokyo featured a mixture of time-lapse and parts of video stories.

18338 16918 iPhone7 l One Night Shot From iPhone 7, Focusing Low Light Photography
Image source: iPhone 7

They will show the stories and pictures of the images and video to show and differentiate the image features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. The campaign with the name of one night campaign is going to done by the normal iPhone 7 users and different images from the cities.

iphone 7 ad One Night Shot From iPhone 7, Focusing Low Light Photography
Image source: iPhone photography

Low-light Photography, High-Quality Photos

The reason of this advertisement is to show the feature quality of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus at night. The adds is just on location around 16 photographers across six continents and 15 cities. The “One Night” campaign will held in 25 countries from whole world.

One Night: sights Of Tokyo, Shanghai, New York And Johannesburg

The pictures from Tokyo is taken by Laurence B. where artist try to show the pictures from neon-and-concrete jungle concept. The images showed the famous Shibuya crosswalk and the rainy dotted windows.

The pictures from Shanghai captured by Jennifer B., in this shot the artist captured the neutral colour of palette of the symphony of blues and whites.The awesome picture showed the beautiful colour of shanghai their scenes and the beauty showed in the pictures without any noise.

Jeremy P.C took pictures of New York, where the pictures showed the beautiful sunlight and other beautiful scenes of New York. The video from Johannesburg was unveiled by Elsa B., which the photographer mainly focused aftermarket lenses.

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