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3 easy steps of getting rid of the “Aw Snap Error” in your Google Chrome if it persists even after refreshing the page

Aw Snap Error

 users are surely aware of the “Aw Snap” screen. It usually appears when you are in a try of opening a certain website and from nowhere, this screen appears. Ever wondered why this error screen appears? It’s generally because of the slow internet connection, full browser cache memory, or maybe due to lack of the necessary plugins.

The Quick Solution

Most of the time, refreshing that particular web page would work. Or you can simply copy the link from the address bar and paste it into another tab. But, if you have tried both these methods and still the problem persists, you are lucky enough to be reading this article! Follow these 3 easy steps to keep your device away from the disturbing screen of “Aw Snap Error”.

The 3 Steps

  1. Press Ctrl + F5 keys to fetch a new copy of the website that you are trying to open. It will dump the local cache and you will be provided with a refreshed page of your demanded website.
  2. Empty your Google Chrome‘s browsing data by looking for the option named “Clear Browsing Data” in Settings > Advanced settings > Privacy.
  3. Sometimes it happens that we are trying to open a site which is blocked by the Antivirus software on our computer. If you prefer to keep using your antivirus, make an exception for the site you are opening. If not, turn off your antivirus and your required site will be opened.

Also, try using the “Chrome Cleanup Tool” to find and remove unwanted software.
Most probably, your Chrome will start working perfectly after these steps. If not, you don’t have a choice other than re-installing your Chrome software.


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