Don’t you know Dropbox? It is not just the app with a free file hosting service, but it provides many more services. For example, do you have any idea that on your dropbox you can even host your own websites? Dropbox Applications have several other benefits which will give you productivity, peace of mind, and good old convenience. Another amazing fact about it is that it’s free so you can signup in it anytime.

Dropbox Logo Five Useful Dropbox Applications You Can Use To Make It More Fun
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Dropbox applications are powerful, but most people don’t know about it all applications. Given below is some top apps for dropbox.

Dropbox Applications

  1. Finesse (Web): Schedule Files to Delete Automatically Later

    You can schedule any date to delete any file or group of files and this app will delete the files on its scheduled date automatically. You can create custom rules based on file type, folder location, created time so you can automate the scheduling files easily. This app will allow you to review all the past files which it has deleted and stored. Developers are working on an interactive dashboard now.

  2.  Sort My Box (Web): Create IFTTT Rules Inside Dropbox

    SortMyBox is a folder in your cloud storage folder. You can save new files in that box and we will organize the files in it according to your rules. You can create your rules by yourself like e-mail filters.

    This app will check your data in it after every 15 mins. If it finds any file to relocate according to your rule, it will move the file itself.

  3. Drop It To Me (Web): Bringing Back Dropbox Public Folders

    This app is easy, secure and free. With only a few steps, you can set up your unique upload page for files by any friends. SSL encryption is used to secure all of your connection. You can use the password for the protection.

  4. Boxpx (Web): Create Beautiful Image Galleries From Dropbox

    Create photo albums by selecting images and post them in blog-post style for easy viewing. Rearrange images easily with drag and drop. Add captions and tell the story behind your photos. Your photos are automatically resized in high-quality to various sizes. No user accounts, no social media buttons, no ratings.

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  5. (Web): Encrypt and Upload Without Installations

    At, you can add and encrypt a file then upload it to Dropbox. Send the recipient a link, a PIN, or a password to this new file.

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