Wearable just got its hands on what seems to be the next Fitbit smartwatch. The leaked images show a Fitbit design that is more sleek and attractive to look at and might be aimed at female consumers. Wearable also said that the new smartwatch will be running on Fitbit OS and will be water resistant up to 50 meters.

The CEO of Fitbit did mention having plans to launch a smartwatch with mass appeal and it looks like this might be it. Fitbit also recently launched their Ionic smartwatch for $299. That offers a somewhat small and chunky design, putting off a lot of user out there. But now the company is finally getting back on track.

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The leaked Fitbit smartwatch is also said to be a successor to the Blaze. But for now it’s not known whether Fitbit will be naming it after the Blaze or something different altogether. Aside from that the leaked renders also show a variety of colors including black, gold, silver, grey and pink. That will also come with a variety of straps including plastic and fabric.

The rendered images also show a lot of resembles to the Pebble Time Steel watch. But maybe Fitbit is trying to launch the long awaited Pebble watch known as Pebble watch 2. That we never got to see in the end, because by then Pebble was already owned by Fitbit.

pebble is no more time 2 and pebble core to be killed off Fitbit Expected To launch A New Smartwatch For Mass Audience

Aside from that the company also wants their next smartwatch to be something that will be appealing to a larger audience. Because the Ionic smartwatch didn’t get the attention that Fitbit hoped it would. Though it does provided a longer battery life compared to its competition. There is also an Adidas branded Ionic edition smartwatch available for $330. Which competes against the Nike edition Apple watch going for $329.

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This is all we known about the upcoming Fitbit smartwatch. But do expect it to be cheaper than the current Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.