Last year Fitbit paid over $40 million to buy a famous kickstarter company named Pebble. After which everyone was hoping for a new smart watch from Fitbit. As Pebble canceled all its upcoming product lineup due to their buy out by Fitbit. Well the company finally have something to show now as Fitbit just announced a new smartphone alongside two other fitness related products.

fitbit ionic watch 14 Fitbit Announces Its First Smartwatch Called Ionic After Buying Out Pebble

The new smartwatch that Fitbit will be offering this year is known as Ionic. Which comes with a color LCD display and provides up to four days of usage on a single charge. Though that can only be achieved if users do not use GPS. Aside from that the Fitbit Ionic smart watch also support Bluetooth 4.0 with Wi-Fi. And a bunch of sensors that includes a NFC, a heart rate sensor and an ambient light sensor.

Being a fitness oriented company the new Fitbit Ionic smart watch offers a software that is centered on tracking your activities. Which intern gives its users personalized workouts based on what they do. But that does not mean the new smart watch from Fitbit misses out on being a smart watch as well. Because users do have the option to put on different watch faces, notification alerts as well as controlling music through Bluetooth.

fitbit iconic 840x472 Fitbit Announces Its First Smartwatch Called Ionic After Buying Out Pebble

Users who are interested can pre-order their new Fitbit Ionic smart watch right now. While the smart watch will be available for sale starting October, with a price tag of $300. Where users will be able to choose among three different color options including Blue/Orange, Silver/Blue and Charcoal Grey.

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Its been a while since we saw the last smart watch that was being offered. But still something as exciting as a new smart watch would make other companies have a go at it once again. Where I’m sure a lot of people were waiting to see a smart watch that Pebble and Fitbit together could come up with.