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Fitbit Ace 3 Review: Activity Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Ace 3 Review

Being the third version, Fitbit Ace 3 is more beautiful and powerful than ever. The Ace 3 possesses all significant tropes of a fitness tracker like tracking sleep, steps, and exercise, together with beneficial features with a screen and sensors. It can serve as a timer and an alarm clock. It’s available at $79.95, and it’s one of the best activity trackers that you can buy for your kids.

Fitbit Ace 3 Design

Image Source: Fitbit

The Ace 3 is available in two bold color schemes at release so that the kids can choose between black and blue or red and green options. It is interesting that Fitbit didn’t provide the standard pink or blue options that most children-focused devices usually tend towards. 

You can choose to add new straps, especially with the two latest Minions-themed bands that will be released in the summer in Mischief Black and Despicable color schemes. Fitbit made an assurance that more fascinating Minion features and offerings will be delivered soon.

The Ace 3 is waterproof to 50 meters, so your children can swim with it or spill liquid on it without you worrying about it. 

Like its predecessor, the Ace 3 is a small, rectangular pebble enclosed in a silicone band that keeps it secure from bumps and lumps. But it looks more rounded than its predecessor Ace 2, which makes it appear more sophisticated. It possesses an adjustable plastic clasp, and it comes in two options available in black with a red clasp and dark blue with a green clasp. But other colored straps are sold, and they can be purchased separately.

The Fitbit Ace straps fit the wrists from 116mm to 169mm in circumference, so every part is water-resistant, so it can be worn while taking a shower or swimming.

The silicone band feels so comfortable to wear and very simple to adjust. We were thrilled to discover during our testing of the Ace 3 that the Fitbit silicone band doesn’t irritate the skin of the wearer even though she had sensitive skin. Unlike other kids’ watch straps that cause a fiery red rash if worn for a longer time. We discovered that there was no irritation from the Fitbit band when worn for 24 hours straight.

Image Source: Fitbit

The display of the Ace 3 is a backlit monochrome OLED touchscreen, and you have the option of choosing from a wide range of clock faces to customize it through the Fitbit app. The deficiency of color is quite disappointing when some other competitors have more colorful kids’ trackers. The Ace 3 can last up to three days between charges, which means it has a longer battery life than its predecessor, making it more useful.

Image Source: Fitbit

Whenever a child raises his/her while wearing the Ace 3, the screen wakes. And it can also be controlled via swiping the touchscreen to navigate between the step counter, the clock face, the alarm or timers, the sleep tracker, and options like “do not disturb” or be controlled by only pinching its sides. 

It has an internal battery that is non-renewable, and it can be charged through a too-short proprietary USB cable that easily attaches to the back of the Ace. It’s expected that you charge the Ace 3 at least once a week. The official battery life is eight days, but we were able to achieve eight to nine days after an interesting first week, in which a regular step-checking killed the battery in under seven days. 

Fitbit Ace 3 Features

Image Source: Fitbit

Compared to Fitbit’s ‘adult trackers, the Fitbit Ace 3 provides a reduced range of notifications and fitness features. It counts steps, records Active Minutes, and tracks basic sleep patterns but doesn’t have heart-rate tracking.

It’s pretty known that the Ace 3 possesses sensors for heart-rate tracking. However, they are deactivated and can’t be activated. And this is because it’s actually a reduced adult tracker. It is pretty much like the entry-level Fitbit Inspire 2 but in a stronger enclosure for children.

Image Source: Fitbit

The Fitbit Ace 3 is more than an ordinary pedometer because the Fitbit app provides interesting and motivating challenges, a stopwatch, and a timer. It also includes on-screen calls and text alerts for kids with a smartphone.

It intentionally didn’t include calorie counting features to prevent contributing to the fixation around weight or calories in children. All-round activity and exercising are the major forces that drive Ace 3. 

Fitbit Ace 3 Battery

Image Source: Fitbit

The Ace 3 possesses an attractive and appealing eight days battery life, and it quite much compares to the Ace 2 that just had five days. But regarding whose responsibility it will be to charge the tracker back up whenever the battery is low, that’s certainly up to you to decide.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t meet up with the Inspire 2’s ten-day battery life, but it can actually be used for ten days if you don’t regularly overplay the watch face animations.

Fitbit Ace 3 App

Image Source: Fitbit

The Fitbit app collaborated with a Family Account, which includes both Parent and Child views, to fine-tune the experience for each age group. This implies that parents can comfortably and easily track their child’s progress, approve all friend requests and be in charge of the things their child sees in the child-version of the app, while the children can only have access to the data that parents are pleased with them seeing.

The Fitbit Ace 3 allows parents to quickly get in touch with their kids, especially if they have a smartphone, to get the call notifications on their wrists. 


The Fitbit Ace 3 isn’t that costly. Still, it offers little bonuses and rewards for young children to stay healthy and active. Indeed, it’s as easy for a child to neglect the nagging to get about 250 steps per hour as it is for an adult. But while we were testing the Ace 3, we noticed that children tend to see the Fitbit as adult devices that challenge them to do the extraordinary.

If you’re interested in making your child happy about getting up, moving around, and exercising, then the Fitbit Ace 3 is the best option for you and your child. It has playful, interesting clock faces and parental controls combined with Fitbit’s years of experience producing fantastic wearable techs, making it very difficult for you not to get it.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is currently available for $79.95.

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