No more excuses , Start your smart home now.

The Eufy smart plug down to $13.99 is its first drop below $23 ever. Everyone can afford as it is the cheapest plugs to buy a couple to really get your smart home moving along.Just look at how that price compares to other popular smart plugs. The Wemo Mini is $30 right now, and the TP-Link smart plug is $25.

eufy smart plug 1f6n 300x300 For the first time  Eufy`s compacts plugs are down to $14.

With both Amazon and Google voice control these plugs requires no hub and work. Just add an Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini to turn your appliances on and off with your voice.

Even without those devices, you can use the EufyHome app to control whatever is plugged in, track the energy usage, set schedules, and more. The design is perfectly size with 8 months warranty as well.

The LG V30 will available in all US carriers, the smartphone will hit the stores in the first week of October