If you consider yourself a pro PUBG player then here’s the chance for you. The first world tournament of last year’s best-seller is about to occur. The competition invites 20 of the best PUBG teams in the world to compete in Berlin in July for a prize pool of $2 million!

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Chang Han Kim, the PUBG Corp.’s executive announced:

The team at PUBG Corp. is working tirelessly to ensure that the PUBG Global International exemplifies the pinnacle of PUBG competition and brings to life all of the excitement, tension, and exhilaration of the highest level of PUBG play, not only to the fans attending the PGI 2018, but also those watching at home.


The competing pools will have to undergo some of the regional qualifying tournaments, which are being held in the US, Europe, and Asia. A team will comprise of 4 players with each squad battling in both third-person and first-person modes. The third-person qualifying rounds will occur on July 25-26 and first-person between July 28-29. Here’s the geographic split for the global tournament:

  • North America — 3 teams
  • Europe — 3 teams
  • CIS — 2 teams
  • China — 2 teams
  • South Korea — 2 teams
  • Japan — 2 teams
  • Asia (outside China, South Korea, and Japan) – 3 teams
  • South America/Latin America — 1 team
  • Middle East/North Africa — 1 team
  • Oceania – 1 team

We all have our fingers crossed for one of the biggest gaming events!

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