His name is Anthony. The original copy had died of old age this year. And they managed to get another identical. It can cost up to $ 100,000. Veterinarians raise the ethical question.

1 49 First dog cloned in Argentina
Cloning is a method that allows asexually, to replicate an organism from genetic material from another. And while today it is possible to copy different specimens of mammals to prevent their extinction, in Argentina the possibility of a genetic replica domestic purposes opens. A local firm specializes in assisted reproduction and has already been registered the first case in país.Se is Anthony, who was the mongrel of a Buenos Aires family (old died earlier this year) who preferred anonymity. Unable to overcome the loss of the animal, they decided to use this new procedure so far in the country. They contacted the firm BIOCAN Argentina, sole representative in Latin America Sooam Biotech Research Foundation, the laboratory in the capital of South Korea that provides an identical copy of the deceased can and carrying a thousand clones registered successfully.
” We provide assistance to those possible clonadores from logistics, gestation, birth, until the holding of the animal. A veterinarian is responsible for removing the epithelial tissue (skin) and the material we take the laboratory Faculty of Agriculture for cell reproduction is performed. Once the cells are formed are deposited in tubes with liquid nitrogen, they are sent to South Korea, where the best cells are selected to start the cloning process. In total we obtain 24 samples; 18 the ship and the remaining 6 place it in a cell bank for any inconvenience , “explains Daniel Jacoby, director of BIOCAN.he cloning process is based on the so – called Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT), which involves removing the nucleus of a (non – sexual) somatic cell, which is transferred to an egg that it suppresses its genetic material. The embryo obtained is introduced into a female, that feat during normal time (see infographic).

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“In South Korea the most suitable cells are selected. And it has the help of two dogs: a donut egg which is extracted the nucleus to introduce the animal to be cloned, which is the carrier of genetic load. That egg is another dog that is donor uterus, where the embryo will develop , “says Jacoby.

2 30 First dog cloned in Argentina

At the local level, and service for different mammalian cloning is offered. “We are freezing many cells of live animals. Some owners expect the animal to die to initiate the procedure. This is dangerous because a percentage can not isolate useful material. For some time now we offer the service of mammalian genetic preservation. The advantage is that the cryopreserved material is maintained indefinitely , “said Daniel Salamone, director of Animal Biotechnology Laboratory and Principal Investigator of INPA-CONICET, who received the sample Anthony to begin the process in Argentina.

Once the animal died, they are arranged 72 hours for extraction of epithelial tissue. And while registered cases reached 15 days for successful cloning ideally not exceed 3 days. “The cycle comprises a whole 9 months. During that time containment provide customers about the steps are met. We send ultrasound pictures of the embryo and birth to calm anxiety , “said Jacoby.

In cloning, there is a very thin thread that separates the ethics of experimentation. “When the daughter cloned Dolly the sheep in 1996, his clone showed signs of premature aging and wearing accumulated years lived by his mother, which were transmitted in their cells. In these 20 years , the investigations continued and refined techniques, but there is more risk of disease or predisposition can be transferred to the offspring , “says Leonardo José Sepiurka, vice president Society of Veterinary Medicine.

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For each specific animal species cloning process is required. Not the same clone a horse than a cow or a sheep. Sooam Biotech Research Foundation is one of the few who managed to find the exact scientific procedure to obtain duplicate a can. “In cats it is easier to clone. In all species there is a vital step that can be completed in the laboratory. In the case of dogs this is not possible. This critical step is egg maturation that takes place in the living animal and this much more expensive the procedure , “Salamone said.

As for the dog’s personality, it emphasizes that genetics plays an important role in the character, but also the environment and experiences. As two human identical twins share the same DNA, but if they grow in different environments personality also differ.
1EB First dog cloned in Argentina
“Just as every human being is unique and unrepeatable also animals, in this case the dogs also are. Even if it manages to be a true copy of the original does not mean it will be the same as the affection you are given and that is received will be totally different. Something similar happens with the imitation of a painting, which surely will lack the charm that won the stamp of the brush given by the painter and distinguishes the copy of the original , “notes Sepiurka.

Pricewise, it is not cheap and can range between 60,000 and $ 100,000, depending on the breed and complexity. “And while the clones have a high degree of efficiency, there are three possibilities to realize it, ” says Jacoby

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