After the Firefox 4, the Firefox 57 revamp the Mozilla web browser over the years. A couple of months ago, Firefox version 57 gets the updates and add new feature that allows a user to remove the support for the add-ons.

%name Firefox 57 getting the updates, the bookmark feature is improved in performance

Recently, the browser is getting the updates coming with some changing in the user interface and of-course in the performance. The browser comes with a new design slightly different from the last version, and the most important feature is added over there that will give better in performance to the Firefox Mozilla bookmark tool.

According to the report, the version 55 bookmark feature is limited in the performance, the feature allows to you to create, edit the folder, but it not offers you to do more with the created folders like it doesn’t allow you to move bookmarks in and out of them, or delete them. In contrast, the version 57 allows you to do more with the bookmark feature, it seems the version covers the all flaws of the version 55. The Firefox version 57 allows you to create, edit or delete the folders from the browser supporting your android devices.

Moreover, it enables you to pin up the widely used bookmark for you on the top site of the browser tab. The other benifit is it save your times to search the widely used bookmark, you just click on the top of the tab, hence the version 57 makes much easy for the user interface and improved in features. You can download the latest version of Firefox Mozilla 57 from the Play Store or by clicking the link given below!

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