The stable Oreo update is going out to beta tester first, with a wide release slated for later this week.

Samsung concluded the Oreo beta program for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at the end of last month, with a stable build set to hit both devices sometime in February. It now looks like the company has kicked off the update process, starting with customers in Europe.

galaxy s8 oreo screen 2 300x197 Finally Starting With Europe , Samsung rolls out stable oreo update to Galaxy  S8/s8 Plus.

According to German site AllAboutSamsung, the stable Oreo update is now going out to customers enrolled in the beta program, with a full rollout scheduled to kick off from later this week.

the update come in 487MB and this update has a number of features like system-wide autofill, ability to run two instances of an app simultaneously with Dual Messenger (which debuted on the Note 8, and so much more:

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