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Finally, Sony shuts down the production of PS3 officially in japan, last stock shipped to its distributors

Sony shuts down the production of PS3

Sony has been producing PS3 consoles since eleven years, now at this time the company officially announce to close the shipment and production of the PS3 with the model number CECH-4300C. The Sony shipped the final stock of the PS3 to its distribution channels in the home country.

The production of the PS3 in other countries already stopped, that shows the company is retrenching its one of the gaming consoles the PS3 model. However, the gaming console achieved the great success, from 2006 to its ending up, there are many changing in hardware and software of the consoles has been made. The Sony adopts the change in the PS2 to PS3, removal of the Linux operating system and add 4 USB ports in the console.

In the history Sony faced the cyber attacks in 2011. The attacks caused the bad reputation of the Sony, where about 77 million PlayStation network accounts were hacked and faced the cyber attacks. According to the report, near about 23 days the company operations were closed.

In the history of Sony, the company faced many ups and downs. The gaming console PS3 mark the new idea for the Blu-ray Discs that support the stereoscopic 3D gaming for the first time in the gaming consoles history. Along that, the old method to buy retail copies of the game was replaced with the idea of the digital downloading.

The games Cars 3, NBA 2K18 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 on the PS3 will now shift to PS4 so that the fans of the games may not this heart from the Sony and the ending up the PS3. You can share your experience with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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