The first foldable phone rumor has been busted by Microsoft it is Phone plus tablet.Gradually there many other producer are in race of foldable phones like Apple, Microsoft and finally LG.

LG applied for patent in January 27, 2015 and finally January 10, 2017 LG has been granted the patent.

article 0 14D0AD24000005DC 525 634x439 Finally January 10 LG granted foldable phone patent

USPTO granted patent to LG on in which upper portion of the phone will be folable. Well it is latest feature in world of mobile phones.

LG K810 Finally January 10 LG granted foldable phone patent

In 2013 there were many companies talking about the minimum space occupation by Samsung and LG and released handset with curve at top and bottom .

In 2016 a YouTuber  Meghan McCarthy shown a tablet and folded to phone size used as phone. Similarly in June Lenovo tech world has shown it’s interest in foldable phones.

Specs of LG foldable Phone:

  • As per the sketches  released by USPTO the upper portion is foldable.
  • it fold vertically giving phablet like shape.
  • LG device will give touch screen on both sides.
  • The middle bar show notification for music.
  • finger print scanner.
  • camera and power button next to additional display.
  • convenient to watching movies and TV.

The future expectations from foldable phones:

In market analysis report it has been foretasted that foldable phones market is expected 2.7 million of units and 163 million expected in 2020.



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