Finally Google’s Street View cameras are getting the major updates. Last update was released eight years ago when the Barack Obama become the US president. According to the report, Google is rolling out the new updates to its street cameras where they are fit over the picture shooting vehicles.

According to the report, Google upgrade the seven cameras having set of 20MP sensor each and featured with front and back facing two cans that works for the laser radar. However, advanced technology and high resolution images quality are pushed to these cameras.

%name Finally, Google rolled out updates for Street view cameras focused on AI

The modern world change with the change of technology and every body appreciating the machine work and focusing on the artificial intelligence. The Google street cameras are working on the principles of the AI.

nexus2cee Street View vehicle Google Finally, Google rolled out updates for Street view cameras focused on AI

These camera has ability to record photos for street name and numbers, not sufficient for that, it will upload the address to the Maps if required. Google is working on the new technologies and improving it, for that Google put a question “What’s the name of the pink store next to the church on the corner?” The cameras are advanced, on that Fitzpatrick said:

“These are questions we can only answer if we have richer and deeper information. Google’s huge investment in machine learning and AI provides a natural way to get that information. Thanks to recent research inside the maps division, when a Street View car captures photos of a stretch of road, algorithms can now automatically create new addresses in the company’s maps database by locating and transcribing any street names and numbers. Street View was the first of Google’s product groups to use the company’s powerful custom AI chips, dubbed TPUs.”

Google is working for the certifying android devices for enterprises, assuring the full data security