Finally Google add Google Allo for Web, the users were waiting the web app over a year. Now the Allow users can chat with their friends and contacts on the web. The app is inspired by the WhatsApp web browser and working same as the WhatsApp.

The users can enjoy the Allo for web on their desktop computer or Laptop. Search for the Allo for web and open the Allo app from your android smartphone. Tap Menu > Allo for Web > Scan QR code. The QR code is given on the browser. On completion of the QR code scan, the Allo will open on your web browser.

google assistant daily news Finally, Google rolled out the most awaiting feature Allo app for desktop

You can sign out the Allo from the web by simple steps, you have to click on the profile icon from the web browser. You can also sign out the app from browser by your smartphone, you have to go for the menu of the Allo app from your smartphone, click for the Allo for web > sign out of all computers.

Moreover, the App has a lot of restrictions like you have to an android iPhone, and it supports the Chrome browser only. The most annoying thing is about the app is, you have to stay online form your android smartphone and run the app so that it can be connected to the web page.

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