The PC gaming trend continues to dominate the console lovers as Square Enix indirectly announces more support for the PC version of Final Fantasy XV. The game itself is titled as Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition and it’s going to be a bit different than PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions. Hajime Tabata, the director of the game while having a chit chat with Gamespot at PAX West rhetorically said that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is already ahead of the console versions.

With the Windows Edition, the platform is already beyond what we did for the console version. Even our in-house engineering with the Luminous Engine has moved up a step in development. So we’re at the next level in terms of our environmental creations. That’s a little bit of a showcase of what we’re capable of, but it’s still something that we’re still continuously working on. We’ve incorporated a lot of improved technologies for physics simulations and made it more natural and realistic. So we’ve tried to kind of elevate our game in a sense.

Tabata is also looking forward to more Japanese developers releasing their games on PC.

We saw with Nier: Automata, they released the Steam version pretty much alongside the console version. We saw that they had a massive reaction from their Steam user fanbase. So as a trend, moving forward, we think that means publishers and developers are gonna put focus on the PC and make sure that that’s part of their overall strategy.

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