Square Enix still haven’t declared a PC port for Final Fantasy XV, however I am praised by game’s director stating he might want to bring anime boyband journey over. Hajime Tabata even utters he’d be fascinating in distinctive PC highlights like mod support. Unfortunately, it is not a plan. It’s not a declaration, affirmation. Even its not truly a clue. But, as a small response in a small meeting, I am digging this. If it’s not too much trouble Square Enix, let the rowdy young men come join in the play.

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I call FFXV an anime boyband road journey it’s about a mensch and his buddies itinerant to his marriage when his country is attacked and his dad slaughtered. It is a journey, mind, complete with camping and brilliant good camp-food. Proceeding with the series moderate move far from turn-based battle, it has ongoing hack “n” slash “n” zap act with discretionary delays in the event that you need to assemble your opinions.

With respect to the mooted PC style, this is what Hajime Tabata stated in the most recent issue of Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, as conveyed by Esuteru and interpreted by Gematsu:

“I’d like to launch the game on PC as a technical effort. I want to show PC clients Final Fantasy XV running on top of machines, and would personally desire to look at it. Likewise, I might want to take try creating on PC to seek after a one of a kind method for playing with PC-selective features like making your own missions and relishing the world using things like mods.”

I’d be astounded if Squeenix don’t launch a PC version in the future, as they’ve ported stacks of Final Fantasy games, current and antique to PC lately. For the time being, all we know is that regardless they’re caught up with extending and enhancing the console launch, updating one part, including new scenes, and so on. It will be seen by the time they are done.

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