6 10 Final Fantasy XV Developer: A PC with GTX 1080 Ti cant do 60 Frames Per Second with all settings turned up

Final Fantasy XV was available only on consoles until now because at Gamescom Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is going to be coming in PC. The game is still not finished yet and they are planning to release this game in Spring of 2018. There’s no exact release date and they are still working on the game and as always most of the PC versions of the games i’ll come with some graphical improvements.

The game is stunning and will feature several visual enhancements like 4k textures and several Nvidia GameWorks effects (HFTS, VXAO, Turf, Flow, and HairWorks). Now the obvious thing is that this will come with a cost and the cost of performance basically. Because it looks like the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV is going to require quite a beast of a machine to run it at [email protected] Frames Per Second with all settings turned up.

Speaking with Game Director Hajime Tabata confirmed that not even Nvidia mighty Gefore GTX 1080 Ti will be able to render Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition at Native 4k and 60 Frames Per Second.

Supporting 60fps will be possible, but considering the spec you’d need to get that level—with native 4K, HDR, and a good 60fps—the machine we’ve got here couldn’t do that at the moment. That’s a GTX 1080 Ti, and even with that 60 frames is not possible.
Keeping that in mind you would be thinking that 2 GTX 1080 Ti or GTX 1070 can be able to do [email protected] FPS but it looks like that’s not going to be the case because according to Tabata:
Multiple cards, there’s the loading of the previous frame and you have that little bit of delay. It doesn’t allow for that proper 60 frames. In order to get that really smooth 60 frames, you need a higher capacity base in order to do that. All the physics simulations as well need to be refreshed in every frame—if you have two cards running in tandem there’s that little bit of delay between the sending of data between the two cards and that’s what makes it impossible.

 It looks like the only solution to have this game running in [email protected] FPS with all settings at Ultra high is to wait for another graphics card from Nvidia because AMD Vega is not even close to GTX 1080 Ti. We are talking about Volta graphic cards and it’s not going to release for a while. The only way PC gamers now have is to compromise on either settings, resolution or framerate.

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